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Big Garden Furniture

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Australian made high quality solid timber furniture, locally handcrafted from Australian hardwoods. Built to last a lifetime! We specialise in custom designed furniture, so if you can't find anything that suits, conta...

Key Employment

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Key Employment aims to provide excellent quality assessment; training and recruitment services to help people with disability get more skills, better jobs and more respect in the community.

Coffs Physiotherapy

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Does your body shout in pain occasionally, or refuse to do what you want it to do? Long term, this can be very frustrating and wearing emotionally. However, there is an effective way to treat many of the movement prob...

Sundial Dental

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Port Macquarie dentists and Wauchope dentists at Sundial Dental have been working with patients since 2008 to provide the best dental care in the area. Dr. Peter Elfar's experience in dentistry is coupled with genuine...

Never Late Electrical

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At Never Late Electrical we've gone to great lengths to ensure our custom designed service vans have what it takes to provide professional & efficient service for you. Our business is about service delivery. We're...

Port Cup Fashions on the Field

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All the glam and the fashions from the 2010 Focus Magazine Fashions on the Field at the Port Macquarie Cup.

Signature Dish Awards 2010

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12 of the best chefs from the Mid-North Coast of NSW, Australia go head to head to find out who has the best Signature Dish.

Festival of the Sun 2009

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Festival of the Sun '09 was an exciting event and Candice Rose was there for FocusTV to speak with some of the people attending as well as the organisers of the festival, Scott Mesiti and Simon Luke. Look forward to ...

Sundowner Tiona Wedding Expo

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Candice Rose takes you to the Sundowner Tiona Tourist Park in Port Macquarie, a place that holds a wedding expo every year, three times a year. It includes the Green Cathedral, the perfect place to get married. Candi...

The Golden Bean

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CSR Sugar Golden Bean Roaster Competition & Conference in 2009 was held in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast. Sean Edwards from KISS Marketing conducted interviews with David Makin, Tim Adams, Nathan Byron, An...

Fashions on the Field

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The 2009 Port Macquarie Cup Fashions on the Field.

Yarras Olives

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Hastings Valley Olives is an Australian family owned company established in 1998 by Graeme and Kathy Booker. The 1,000 acre grove is situated near Yarras at Birdwood on the New South Wales Mid North Coast, one hour...

Rainbow Mushrooms

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Rainbow Mushrooms are located on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. They grow two varieties of mushrooms, Swiss Brown and White. They produce 2.5 tonnes of mushrooms a week.

Ghinni Ghinni Wines

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Ghinni Wines produce a range of fruity liqueurs sourced direct from the farm mead, blueberry, plum and chilli and raspberry are just a few. All go well with desserts or as a base for mixed drinks and the chilli liqueu...

Comboyne Culture Cheese

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Comboyne Culture is located on the Mid North Coast producing a range of speciality cheeses. They produce a very traditional Camembert and a soft Washed Rind cheese, more along the lines of the true French-style which ...

Baba Lila Chocolates

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Baba Lila Chocolates is located in Comboyne on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. A true hand made chocolate, using traditional russian methods. Each chocolate is Individually hand rolled, hand dipped and hand wr...

Bent on Food

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Bent on Food is a multi award winning specialty food store and café located on the NSW Mid North Coast in the heritage township of Wingham just 3 1/2 hours north of Sydney. Bent on Food carries a vast range of local p...

Armstrong Oysters

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Armstrong Oysters are located in the Camden Haven and are famous for their award winning Sydney Rock Oysters.

Signature Dish 2009

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12 of the best chefs from Port Stephens to Coffs Harbour go head to head at the second annual Mid North Coast Signature Dish Awards. Special guest judge, Serge Dansereau from the Bathers Pavilion at Sydneys Balmora...

Peak Coffee Roastery

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Peak Coffee Port Macquarie is the first coffee roasting business to be located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Armed with a 60kg traditional drum roaster, we roast for local cafe owners and wholesale accoun...

South Seafoods

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South Seafood in Port Macquarie is home to a huge selection local fresh seafood. Located across the road from the Growers Market they are confidently located. Support the locals and buy your seafood from South Seafood.

Port Macquarie Hampers

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If you're looking for that perfect gift then look no further than Port Macquarie Hampers. All hampers are created using local regional produce sourced from within Greater Port Macquarie. You can pick from a selection ...

The Company Farm

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The Company Farm is situated on about 20 acres, 13km west of Wauchope and features more than 400 citrus trees and other fruit species, and crops of aromatic herbs. The farm is also home to cooking classes held year ro...

BMW Z4 Test Drive

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Andrew Richmond takes the all new BMW Z4 out for a test drive in Port Macquarie thanks to McGuigan BMW.

2009 Mid-North Coast Tourism Awards

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Candice Rose walks the red carpet with the who's who of the Mid-North Coast tourism industry at the annual awards night held at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie.

Port Macquarie Focus TVC

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The Greater Port Macquarie Focus TVC.

Port Macquarie 2030 Forum

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FocusTV visits the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council's 2030 Forum.

Volkswagen Golf TDi

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Thanks to John Oxley Volkswagen of Port Macquarie we test drive the all new Volkswagen Golf TDI.

Thai Green Curry

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A Thai Green Curry dish by the Authentic Thai Orchid Restaurant in Port Macquarie. This dish featured in the Journey of Flavor cook book.

Andrew Roach

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We catch up with Andrew Roach, the General Manager of the Port-Macquarie-Hastings Council.

AMG C63 Mercedes vs Helicopter

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Andrew Richmond takes a look through the new AMG C63 Mercedes thanks to Andrew Miedecke, who pushes this rumbling beast to well over 200km/h at our secret airstrip.

Morning of the Earth

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In the lead up to the Morning of the Earth concert at Cassegrain Winery in Port Macquarie. We catch up with some of Port Macquarie's most iconic surfers from the 70's for focusTV.

The Observatory Resort

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The Observatory Resort in Port Macquarie aims to be Carbon Neutral by 2012. A huge achievement for a large hotel. At the offical launch party Louise Beaumont talks to Chris and Trish from the Observatory, and some of ...

Mitsubishi Evolution X

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Andrew Richmond was lucky enough to get ahold of a brand new Mitsubishi Evolution X thanks to John Oxley Motors of Port Macquarie to test drive for FocusTV.

Wauchope Vet Clinic

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We chat with Chris Simmonds from the Wauchope Vet Clinic who is celebrating 25 Years in Business.

Hastings Valley Dairy

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We chat with Product Development Manager from the Hastings Valley Dairy, Rod McLennan about how the dairy makes new cheeses and yoghurts, plus what's in store for the future. The Hasting Valley Dairy produces Cheddar ...

Oysters in the Vines

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The 2009 Cassegrain Oysters in the Vines was a great day out. The Oysters from the Port Macquarie and Camden Haven areas in the Hastings area are known as some of the best in Australia. Fresh local oysters were availa...

Bellrowan Horse Riding

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In the foothills of the Hastings Valley hinterland lies Bellrowan Valley. If you are a horse lover or would just like to give it a try, Bellrowan Valley Horse Riding is the place to go known for its quality horses, sc...

Festival of the Sun ’08

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The 2008 Festival of the Sun held in Port Macquarie was a great event. Candice Rose takes a tour through the crowd for focusTV. Meet long lost twins, learn how you can be a wizard with magical powers, why leather is t...

Sea Acres Port Macquarie

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Sea Acres is a place of natural beauty protecting rare coastal rainforest at Shelly Beach, 4 km south of Town Beach at Port Macquarie. There is an elevated boardwalk through the rainforest which captures the beauty of...

The Other Chef

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The Other Chef is a small gourmet food business based in Lake Cathie, on the beautiful mid-north coast of NSW, producing a range of hand-made fine foods. Over the past 20 years as a Chef, Eric Robinson has received hi...

Artist Leanne Prussing

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FocusTV catches up with artist Leanne Prussing who is bringing a unique style of art to Port Macquarie. Her career began designing fabric prints and hand painted fashion. After studying the Diploma of fine arts she ha...


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Great steaks, great ribs, great food, sSs BBQ Barns Steakhouse - It is that good! We visit the sSs BBQ barn in Port Macquarie too see what all the fuss is about. We even get the hot tip about how to cook the perfect s...

Focus Apartments

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Focus Apartments is located just a short stoll to main street shopping and the beautiful Town Beach of Port Macquarie. This unique development is located on Port Macquarie's original government house site, a living re...

Latin Dance

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Candice Rose takes a visit to the Latin Dance school in Port Macquarie and chats with dance instructor Michael Madden about his passion for latin dance.

Fairway Gem

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The October Home of the Month for Focus Magazine constructed by Gem Constructions.

Signature Dish 08

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12 of the local area's best chefs go head to head to find out who has the best Signature Dish of the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales. Chefs from Rydges, Luxe, The Corner, Stunned Mullet, Fusion 7, Kingfisher Cafe, ...

Coastal Skydivers

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For the greatest high you'll ever have, look no further than Coastal Skydivers at Port Macquarie. Jumping from 10,000 feet at 200kph Candice Rose takes the plunge for FocusTV. For more information visit www.coastal...


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The RSPCA in Port Macquarie cares for animals of all kinds. The animals have come to the society as a result of abandonment, acts of cruelty, unclaimed stray animals and those whose owners can no longer care for them....

Little Red Vamp

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The Little Red Vamp in Port Macquarie is an alternative clothing boutique specialising in tattoo and rock inspired fashion. The boutique also supports the local art community.

Fusion 7

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Fusion 7 is one of Port Macquarie's stand out restaurants. Head chef and owner Lindsey Schwab brings together flavors from around the world. Either from Europe, Asia, the Middle East or the Americas, new ingredients, ...

The Billabong

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The Billabong at Port Macquarie is home some of Australia's most iconic animals. Set on 7 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens with easy walkways for visitors it is home to over 50 species of Australian Wildlife. The...

Signature Dish

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The launch event for the Mid-North Coast Signature Dish awards. Hosted by Kenny Little's, the chefs from The Corner Restaurant and the Stunned Mullet go head to head in Port Macquarie.

Sunset Gallery

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The Sunset Gallery in Port Macquarie has been in established for over 32 years and has a regularly changing display of artworks by well known local and regional artists; plus bronzes, leadlighting, stained glass figur...

Pancake Place

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The Pancake Place in Port Macquarie is a true local icon. Established for over 25 years the Pancake Place is a must visit. They're open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days with some of the most mouthwatering breakfasts...

Behind the scenes

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Ever wondered what goes into one of our covers? We take you behind the scenes for our September issue featuring Port Central's Fashions on the Field, celebrating one of the biggest days on our local calender, the Port...

Longpoint Vineyard

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Long Point Vineyard at Lake Cathie on the NSW Mid North Coast produces a range of red and white table wines, alcoholic ginger beer, mead and an orange liqueur.